Tools for energy transition

Decarbonisation is the cornerstone in the competitiveness of organizations, particularly in a context of energy prices pressure.

From the multiple tools available to support organizations to systematize their processes of continual improvement and energy transition, ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems proves to be one of the most effective in operationalising the improvement of energy performance and compliance with environmental commitments and goals.

On the other hand, the demand for decarbonisation solutions in the transport sector has been supported on the transition towards electric mobility. Still, there are some myths that need to be clarified.

Based on these assumptions, we have developed two reports aiming to support organizations, despite of their dimension, in their implementation of energy management systems process and transitioning to electric mobility.

If you want to know more, you can download the recent manuals that we have developed for APEMETA (in Portuguese) or visit the Ambiente Portugal platform.

Electric Mobility: Business Implications and Opportunities (PT)

Best Practices and Case Studies: Organizational processes requirements and environmental best practices based on ISO 50001 standard (PT)

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