HOOP – Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub

HOOP, Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub, is a European initiative funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, gathering a consortium of 23 partners from 10 European countries.

The HOOP aims to build capacity, through technical assistance, in eight cities and regions by providing them with the administrative, technical, economic, financial, and legal knowledge necessary to promote investments to obtain safe, sustainable, and bio-based products from urban biowaste and wastewater.

RdA Climate Solutions is responsible for evaluating and defining innovative business models and financing programmes as well as for the development of specific due diligence tools for circular economy projects.

Among the activities promoted by RdA Climate Solutions, the HOOP Circular Investors Board was established, bringing together some of the leading investors in sustainable finance across Europe to discuss relevant topics regarding circular economy financing. This group, which includes, among others, the European Investment Bank meets twice a year under the coordination of our Managing Director, Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida, as HOOP Circular Investors Board Chairperson.

To learn more about HOOP visit: www.hoopproject.eu

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