New wave for energy transition on European Union islands

Due to their geographical, climatic and socio-economic characteristics, islands face specific challenges regarding energy production and consumption. In some archipelagos or islands, since they are isolated systems, energy production is expensive and highly dependent on fossil fuels. In this sense, the European Commission’s Clean energy for EU islands initiative aims to turn these challenges into opportunities, with the objective of making Europe’s island communities leaders in innovation in the energy transition, as well as supporting the islands in the production of their own energy from renewable sources.

The third phase of the initiative, which started in March, has RdA Climate Solutions as part of the consortium, continuing the work carried out in the second phase of the project, which took place between January 2021 and February 2023. RdA’s team worked with a top tier consortium led by 3E, as well as with different regional partners from different member states. Among others, the consortium provided technical assistance to energy transition projects on more than 50 islands; held workshops, forums, webinars, etc., and delivered guidance documents to conduct island’s energy transition process.

This new phase takes place under the headline “30 for 30”. The consortium will closely work with 30 EU islands with the aim of achieving fully renewable energy production on the islands by 2030 promoting a new wave for energy transition. This technical assistance work will be performed by a network of more than 100 experts, covering not only the energy sector, but also mobility, heating and cooling, industry, as well as working with island communities, targeting to involve them in the energy transition process.

RdA Climate Solutions is providing guidance to the islands on how to access different sources of finance for projects at different stages of development and maturity and it is responsible for matching projects with private investors. To learn more contact us at

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